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“PJ’s Automotive Service Team”
Peter and Danh established PJ’s Automotive with the intention of providing excellent service to local residents and businesses within the communities they live in. They pride themselves with their slogan “Your Trusted Source for Auto Sales and Services” as it represents their honesty and expertise in the automotive industry. Many of their clients asked who is PJ? He is Peter’s son and Danh’s god son, which is still a toddler. They established this business under his name to show that it is a family business and that they want to make it grow into a big corporation so their family and their extended family, which is their employees, can enjoy a stable living. 

They understand that it is hard to find an honest repair facility or dealership that can provide professional services without the intention of overcharging on repairs or misleading car sales. At PJ's Automotive, they believe in the value of customer service. They will thrive on providing their customers the confidence that their car will be professionally serviced while building a reputation as an honest used car dealership!


“Peter Pham”
Graduated as a mechanic at Westover Job Corps, Ma in 1996, Peter has been working in the mechanical field since then and love every moment of it. Peter developed a passion for customer services and automotive repairs. He had worked in various mechanical companies such as Somerville Engine Rebuilt, Brian’s Auto Service and Boston Auto Tech. He is an ASE certified mechanic with certificates in Brakes and Engine Performance. His other certificates include Network Diagnostic Strategies, General Motors Engine Performance, and GM Fuel System Service and Diagnostics.

Peter is a very experience, friendly and communicative mechanic. Many customers perceived Peter as a very honest mechanic that will spend all his time to carefully explain the problem with their vehicles. He is always happy to give his customers advices regarding maintenance their vehicles and he will make sure they will be satisfied with his works before they drive off.


“Matt Chapman”
Matt lives in Holbrook all his life and currently with his wife and two young children. Matt graduated from Holbrook Jr/Sr High School in 2007 and joined the Army National Guard right after. He became a diesel mechanic during his service. For two years, he worked full time on base fixing everything from generators to diesel engines.  He is currently part of an EOD unit in the National Guard as their mechanic while working full time at PJ’s Automotive. He also completed several courses at UTI to improve his knowledge and experience in auto repairs. 

Matt believes in customer service as the key to build a strong business and that honesty is the best approach.  He is very approachable and very friendly to his customers. He will carefully explain all the problems with customers’ vehicle and will tell them exactly what need to be fixed. Customers always left with great confident that their car was serviced by the right mechanic! 


“Danh Nguyen”
Danh and his family moved to Holbrook in 2011 and fell in love with the community. He volunteered every year on Holbrook Pride Day and is currently an active member of Holbrook’s Capital Planning Committee. He also taught Sunday school in Dorchester since 2010. Danh graduated from Bryant University with a Bachelor of Science degree in finance and minor in economics. He worked as a salesman and a real estate agent during his college years. After college, he worked as a manager in a real management company and then moved on to be an AVP of a wealth management company in Boston.  He always seeks new business opportunities and had great interest for auto dealership. He partnered with his brother in law, Peter, to open up PJ’s Automotive and determined on making it a successful company that everyone trust. He is the president of the Sales business and is managing all operations of PJ’s Automotive Corporation.


“Cong Nguyen”
Cong lives in Holbrook and is the younger brother of Danh Nguyen. He graduated from UMass Boston with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. Although he enjoyed the field he studied, his heart was more to servicing and helping people around him. His work experience consisted of mentoring students through LEAH mentorship, managing a team of 15 people to collect census for City of Boston Election Official, and is Vice President of the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Move of Boston which consist of 200+ minors. He is also a member of Young Adult Council of the Archdiocese of Boston. These experiences lead him to join PJ’s Automotive and become the Sale Manager. Helping and serving others always come without a second thought for him; therefore, he always is very motivated to help his clients finding the right vehicle. When talking to him, customers will instantly know he is very honest, dedicate and will work hard to satisfy their needs. 

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